Friday, April 26, 2013

Fairy Tale Prompt From Spinning Straw Into Gold: An Experiment in Concrete Poetry.


I love Christie's Fourth Friday Fairy Tale Prompts. When I'm given a small prompt like this I feel like I can write anything and not really be too stressed about the result. This poem must be record timing, since she just posted this month's prompt today. But it's just a small poem, something that came out very quickly. Something I don't really expect anyone to be all that impressed by. But out it came, and so why not share? Once again, the prompt is the image, the poem my reply. P.S. I hope the spacing comes out alright on different computers/ phones!

A Thousand Falling Hearts: An Experiment in Concrete.

When a thousand 
falling hearts come crashing 

                                                              d      d       d       d
                                                          o                     o 
                                                            w        o                  o
                                                                       w        w     
                                                             n                         w
                                                                         n      n        n

              hearts of love,                
of loss,  of hopes,   
     of hate, dreams, and wonders,      
    of happiness, loneliness, and tragedy
     U  R

down upon the concrete, it is good to know we have tiny red umbrellas to lift into the  a 

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