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Welcome to The Middle Page! I'm Kelly, a current graduate student at Signum UniversityMythgard Institute and reader and writer of all things fantastic. This blog inspires me to actually put some of my ideas and thoughts into writing when they might otherwise be forgotten. I hope you find some interesting things here and I encourage you to add any new thoughts and ideas whenever you can. More than anything, I want this blog to be a community, a big ol' hobbit hole welcoming you in to stay for breakfast (and second breakfast, and elevensies, and dinner and supper, too).

I welcome you to email me at for any and all questions. 


Silver Leaves Journal
  • "When Gothic Meets Comic: Exploring the Ghosts of Hogwarts Castle" by Kelly Orazi in Harry Potter for Nerds Vol. 2. Published October 2015. 
  • "The Elves of Rivendell: A Comparison of the Manuscript and Published Hobbit" by Kelly Orazi in Silver Leaves Journal. Published September 2013.





  1. Ooh, you're a graduate student at Mythgard? I know people who know Dr. Olsen, so I like to think that makes me awesome by some sort of social transitive property. I'm glad you're enjoying the classes! They all look amazing!

  2. That does make you awesome! You must be around the east coast then?
    Yes, Mythgard is great! I really can't believe how lucky I am that it (and mastermind Corey Olsen!) exists!

  3. You found me on instagram earlier, and I fell in love instantly as soon as I opened your blog. This is amazing! Everything you are about is amazing. I've never fangirled so fast before.

    You've gained a loyal follower.

  4. I am so glad to have found your blog! I clicked through from Instagram, as you had liked an image of mine. Keep on with your amazing self!

    1. How sweet of you to say, thank you so much! I love your artwork :)


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